Cast Your Vote for a Solution That Works

You and I are more alike than we are different. The current political climate can make us forget that.

We’re increasingly wired to view one another in binary terms, all based on which way a person leans. We miss the fact we’re all in this together, that we mostly agree on the things that really matter.

Think about how many people agree that prescription drug prices are unreasonable. Reputable surveys suggest it’s eight in 10 Americans. That’s a lot of Republicans, Democrats and swing voters. And one in four of us still struggles to afford our prescriptions.

Aren’t elected officials listening? Some are. Plenty of proposals and policies are in legislative form or have been issued through Executive Orders. There just isn’t the political will to pass and/or enforce them, not in the current political reality.

Washington can’t solve this problem right now. But I know what can help, because I see this every day:

  • More consumers being equipped with information that leads to cost-effective prescription decisions
  • Technology removing friction and barriers to access and action
  • Health plans and employers helping members while controlling a key driver of healthcare costs

When consumers can vote with their dollars (like we do for everything else we purchase), it forces even our broken system to behave more like a real market. That’s more powerful and productive than any legislation or Executive Order.

The market can’t solve every problem. Nor can technology. Yet we see them work to lower prescription drug costs for more people and payers day after day.

On Tuesday, please rock the vote. Just don’t expect Washington to rock the boat when it comes to high drug prices. We have a solution that works, and we appreciate your vote.

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