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What does relief from skyrocketing drug prices look like? What does it sound like? We see and hear it every day as we help our members find affordable options for the prescriptions they need—and the peace of mind that follows.

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High prescription drug costs are a burden felt by millions of Americans. Rx Savings Solutions hears from them every day. And we deliver real help that goes beyond savings. Because the impact of high drug prices touches a person’s finances, but also their health, life and family. Get a glimpse into the RxSS member experience and the life-changing difference we can make.


After using our solution to overcome the complex and costly world of prescription drugs, these members had something to say.

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Hear from members who’ve saved on prescription costs thanks to Rx Savings Solutions’ technology, support and personal service.

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Yvonne, an Rx Savings Solutions member

Savings Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Everyone loves to see huge savings, but we never lose sight of smaller amounts we help members save fill after fill. What may seem small in one person’s eyes can be life-changing for another.

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John Garlington, an Rx Saving Solutions Member, sitting down being interviewed

Every Member Has a Story – and There’s Always More to it

How many members like John are in your health plan? Probably more than you think. And there’s always more to their stories than numbers.

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What Our Members Say

What Our members Say

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