A Little Joy Goes a Long Way

We could have thrown a pretty sweet holiday party with $25,000. But not all 250 employees would be able to make it. Not this year.

We could have sent some slick client gifts at $100 per package. But who needs more chocolate, red popcorn or candy cane-flavored coffee?

In keeping with tradition at Rx Savings Solutions, we put the combined $45,000 somewhere else.

We gave it away. In $100 bonuses. To each and every employee. On one condition: Use it to make someone’s day, or help an organization make things better for others.

For the third year in a row, we also sent each client a $100 DonorsChoose donation card. Their job: Direct the donation to a teacher, classroom or project that inspires them.

A screen shot of the holiday e-card sent to all Rx Savings Solutions clients.
A client shares her thoughts after receiving our holiday e-card about the DonorsChoose program. (The annotation is hers, not ours!)

Sure, economists say $100 doesn’t go as far as it did yesterday, but the only inflation in this currency was joy in the hearts of those who gave and received.

Where it Went

Just a small sampling of shared joy RxSS employees spread across our community,
the country and the world—$100 at a time: