Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to our business is how Rx Savings Solutions upholds the highest ethical standards as a fundamental core value. A foundation of honesty and integrity is built by our strong adherence to a Code of Conduct. Consistent training sessions for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is expected and achieved by employees, supervisors, and officers.

Our Ethics and Compliance Hotline promotes an environment of honesty and integrity. The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is available to all Rx Savings Solutions team members, vendors, or contractors if standard channels for reporting prove ineffective or are impractical. The Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through an independent third-party provider. Reporting of possible unethical or improper conduct is anonymous—if requested. Retaliation against any person involved in an investigation or reports a potential violation is prohibited.

RxSS Company ID: 2852754383

Ways to access the Ethics and Compliance Hotline:

  • Visit
  • Text our company ID to 1-855-662-SAFE
  • Call 1-855-662-SAFE