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Pharmacy benefits can be confounding. One day you go from paying $15 for a prescription to forking over four figures on the next fill. Rx Savings Solutions understands this. And no one gets it more than our Pharmacy Support team.

You don’t make this team unless you have an innate, demonstrated desire to help people. Before joining RxSS, these certified pharmacy technicians saw patients struggle every day with prescription sticker-shock at the retail pharmacy counter. Today, they hear it daily on the phone and through chat or email.

The difference? Now they can finally help people one on one, for however long it takes, to save members however much they possibly can on prescriptions.

Sure, it’s money saved, but it often means moving someone from a state of despair to pure delight, too:

Susan in Salt Lake: “You solved a 2-year frustration in less than 10 minutes, and now my $176 eye drops are only $15 every three months. Customer service isn’t supposed to be this easy.”

Becca in Beantown: “I can honestly say that I’ve never received such incredible customer service! Your representative always got back to me extremely quickly, was very accommodating & went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied & getting the best prices on prescriptions. She made a process I was dreading very pleasant.”

Michael in Manhattan: “My interaction with (the Pharmacy Support team) was by far the most positive experience I had throughout my entire illness. I’m from New York City. I’m just not used to this.”

To our frontline colleagues on the Pharmacy Support team, thank you for making a real difference in people’s lives.

Meet the people behind the passion, and hear the responses from a sampling of members they’ve served:

Meet the team:

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