Want Savings and Engagement by the Truckload? Make it Mandatory

“The direction from our CEO and leadership team was:
It’s an amazing tool, we make it available to team members, it can save them money—how can we get more of them to use it?”

Special thanks to Ashley Neubauer, Health and Life Benefits Manager at U-Haul, for sharing that thought with us. It’s a question Rx Savings Solutions and our clients always ask. We always will, until 100% of our members know what we can do for them.

U-Haul employees are almost there.

Since launching in March 2020, this household name in the moving and storage business has an impressive 93% engagement rate among its 20,000 covered employees and dependents.

That’s good news for U-Haul and its team, especially members with chronic conditions. Collectively they’re saving an average of $126 per fill, with members pocketing 34% of the savings and U-Haul’s plan share at 66%.

The nearly total engagement is a result of U-Haul’s focus on employee health, along with these contributing factors:

  • U-Haul has been an exceptional partner. Internally, they’ve made Rx Savings Solutions a priority from top to bottom.
  • We’ve offered—and U-Haul employees have embraced—chronic condition-based webinars focused on lowering costs for diabetes and cardiovascular medications.
  • More than anything, U-Haul made a bold move ahead of 2021: require covered employees to activate their Rx Savings Solutions accounts as a step in the open enrollment process.

Mandatory participation may not be for every client, but the case study below highlights what it’s done for U-Haul—and for at least one employee, who called us “the best thing happening to healthcare.”

Click to download the PDF [3-minute read]

U-Haul case study in PDF format