The Next Chapter for RxSS

Rx Savings Solutions was born nearly a decade ago. If you don’t know the story, shortly before then I managed a retail pharmacy where I saw patients struggle with high prescription costs every day. Their choice: Stay healthy, productive and avoid higher health costs down the road, or pay for food, rent and heat.

I knew there was a better way, and that it would work. All we needed was the right technology and investment, along with smart people and clients to join the mission. Over the next 10 years, we’ve been blessed with all the above.

Together, we’ve proven that looking out for members’ prescription costs is the best way for employers and health plans to control pharmacy spend. Along the way, it became clear that our value transcends pharmacy spend.

Our story continues to be: Empower consumers and simplify a complex landscape. But it’s time for the next chapter and an expanded narrative.

Why Change? Why Now?

Pharmacy costs are part of America’s healthcare problem, yet affordable medication can be a huge part of the solution. Prescriptions are involved at nearly every step in a patient’s journey. On a human, clinical and financial scale, pharmacy is incredibly valuable.

We need people and payers to get maximum value from pharmacy. Rx Savings Solutions is positioned to help in more ways than ever. Our focus will always be affordability, but that extends to adherence and medication management. We’ve expanded into fulfillment coordination, specialty medication management, and added more savings channels. Much more is on the way.

We look a lot different than a decade ago. So does the marketplace. After 10 years, it’s time to update the RxSS brand to better reflect everyone we serve today, to make our identity as distinctive as our solution.

Graphic explanation of how Rx Savings Solutions logo represents our clients and partners, as well as our members
The new logo icon symbolizes the shared benefits when RxSS members save on prescriptions.

Healthcare is on the cusp of a sea change. Consumers need a familiar front door, a place to turn for every pharmacy need. They need a source for unbiased, personalized information that’s easy to act on, and a consistent experience that adapts to every change in their health plan and pharmacy benefit.

Whatever the next 10 years brings in healthcare, we want RxSS to be the mark of a trusted, simplified pharmacy experience for everyone.

See how everything behind our new brand came together in the official video unveiling: