The Two Sides to Every Success Story

At Rx Savings Solutions, our team must prove our value to two separate but critical constituencies: members and clients. Recently we had the rare opportunity to capture both perspectives on camera.

One day, two locations, and voices that speak to the dual impact on a large health plan and their members.

Numbers can tell a success story, but nothing validates like hearing the human side.

Susan – Member, SelectHealth/Rx Savings Solutions
Member since: March 2020

Susan is 63, a widow, and recently diagnosed with diabetes and early signs of glaucoma. All her prescriptions were affordable, except for a $176 pressure-reducing eye drop. She jumped on our savings suggestion, yet for too long a glitch between her provider and pharmacy kept her from filling it for $15.

Susan’s story touches on the value of our technology, engagement efforts and, in the end, the next-level service members receive from our Pharmacy Support team.

SelectHealth – Regional Health Plan
Launched: February 2020

SelectHealth covers one million members in three mountain states. Their mission: help people live the healthiest lives possible. They’ve always believed if members receive the best care, cost savings will ultimately follow. With Rx Savings Solutions, they found that pharmacy transparency can deliver both at the same time.

Sports analogies are big in the business world, and Rx Savings Solutions is no exception.

Hearing both sides of this story makes us feel like a team that executes the right game plan, and then sees it work exactly as planned. Everyone contributes, and the fans are the real winners.

Except, there’s no opponent in this scenario—and all sides get to celebrate.