Fact: 80% of global employees aren't sitting behind a desk.

When Rx Savings Solutions uncovers ways that our members can save money on prescription drugs, we make sure they get the message—no matter where or how they workGet a snapshot of how RxSS connects with non-desk employees using creative engagement strategies that drive savings for the member and their plan sponsor.

The cover of a RxSS report titled, Engaging the Non-desk Workforce: 6 examples of collaboration + innovation + success

WHAT's in the report?

Come see how the RxSS engagement platform drives behavior change for employees spanning various job titles across multiple industries. Here are a few things you’ll find in the report:

Zero Disruption


A sneak peek at our hyper-targeted, multichannel engagement approach. 

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Outside-the-box strategies that have proven successful at reaching non-desk members. 

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Real examples of how RxSS partnered with clients to engage their non-desk workforce.

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