Building Trust,
Engagement and ROI

For this U.S.-based Global 500 medical devices and health technologies provider, ROI wasn’t an initial goal. Helping employees reduce pharmacy costs was simply the right thing to do. However, following a careful, phased rollout, the partnership has evolved to deliver ongoing value year over year.


Time to Launch

A timeline that led to this smooth implementation

Savings Surge

How engagement led to a 76% increase to average monthly savings

Key Milestones

Year-over-year ROI and run rate
Two pages of the Global 500 Employer case study

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What They Had to Say

“I used to think I just had to pay whatever my prescriptions cost. It is what it is, you know? When I got my Savings Notification, it was a game changer. I found I could get my same meds at a pharmacy 5 minutes away and save $340.”

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