Every Member Has a Story – and There’s Always More to it

Seeing the numbers never gets old. A member acts on a Savings Alert and saves themselves hundreds or thousands a year, and often as much or more for their health plan.

At Rx Savings Solutions, we see those numbers every day. It’s awesome. But with the exception of the people on the front lines—our incredible Pharmacy Support team—few of us ever get to meet the members we help. We can only guess what their situations are, what those savings mean to them and their lives.

When the opportunity arises, we do reach out to individual members or they reach out to us. The only thing better than seeing the numbers is learning the stories behind them. Such was the case when we sat down with John from Portland, Oregon.

Like so many Americans who are blindsided by a crippling pharmacy bill, John didn’t know what he would do. Here’s a man with a master’s degree and PhD, someone who helps patients navigate through mental health crises every day. He loves his job but was forced to contemplate a lower-paying one somewhere with better coverage for his life-preserving medication—or not working at all and going on Medicaid.

Employers do everything possible to control healthcare costs. But in even the best plan designs and carefully managed formularies, there are always members like John who can fall through the cracks.

That’s why Rx Savings Solutions exists—to help someone with a $900 per month medication bill and nowhere to turn, to help an employer (and society) retain someone with a rare skillset, and to restore peace of mind when our pharmacy system takes it away from so many.

How many members like John are in your health plan? Probably more than you think. And there’s always more to their stories than numbers.