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What does relief from skyrocketing drug prices look like? What does it sound like? We see and hear it every day as we help our members find affordable options for the prescriptions they need—and the peace of mind that follows.

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Susan’s eye drops were $176 every month. The pharmacy kept charging almost as much for the $15 generic we suggested—until our support team solved the problem. Ten minutes later, she’s saving $2,000 per year.


After using our solution to overcome the complex and costly world of prescription drugs, these members had something to say.

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Hear from members who’ve saved on prescription costs thanks to Rx Savings Solutions’ technology, support and personal service.

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Susan, a Rx Savings Solutions member, and Eric, a Rx Savings Solutions client

The Two Sides to Every Success Story

Our team must prove our value to both members and clients. Numbers can tell a story, but nothing validates like hearing the human side.

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Kelly, an Rx Savings Solutions member

No More Rationing, Thanks to Real Relief

Imagine knowing you could relieve the debilitating pain and sickness from chronic migraines, if only you could afford the medication. Now Kelly can.

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Michael Reagan, an Rx Savings Solutions member

Providing a Different Kind of COVID Relief

Michael barely survived COVID. He never imagined his health could get worse, but it did. Learn how Rx Savings Solutions has been a bright spot in his ongoing fight to get well.

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Bill, a Rx Savings Solutions member

Working Hard for People Like Bill

His situation is all too relatable for many Americans, but the outcome is one that Rx Savings Solutions helps members achieve every day.

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What Our Members Say

What Our members Say

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