RxSS Member Support – Savings and Satisfaction in One Call or Click

RxSS member support comes from pharmacy technicians who go all out to find affordable prescriptions and deliver peace of mind.

Lack of information causes many consumers to pay more than necessary for prescriptions. Very few know that lower-cost options often exist. Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) technology finds those opportunities and notifies every member who has them.

Transparency technology can go a long way. But there is a reason personal assistance has been part of the RxSS platform from day one. Pharmacy benefits are complex, and clarity can be hard to come by. People need someone in their corner who knows the often-confusing terrain. RxSS members have a valuable ally and advocate in the Pharmacy Support team.

Expertise for any Member Support Need

All it takes is a phone call, mouse click, or tap of the RxSS app. Standing by is a team of seasoned and certified pharmacy technicians (CPhTs) who average 6 years of pharmacy experience. Most began their careers in retail, but also in PBM, clinical, specialty and compounding pharmacies.

They may no longer work in retail or practice pharmacy, but they still witness people struggle to afford prescriptions and navigate their pharmacy benefits. They hear and see it every day in member calls, chat sessions and emails. Another difference: At RxSS, they have the time and resources to help solve problems.

“I used to apologize when a customer couldn’t afford a medication. They would just walk away, but all I could do was serve the next person in line,” says Julia Salazar, CPhT, a Pharmacy Support team member since 2020. “Here, I have the resources and time to really help that person.”

Don’t Call it a ‘Call Center’

On a typical call—answered in under 60 seconds on average—a team member might talk through savings suggestions the member saw in their RxSS member portal or app. They field questions like, “How can this prescription cost so much when I only paid $10 last time?” or “Why would my doctor prescribe this if there’s a cheaper alternative?”

Most answers can be found in AdminRx, the patient care hub within the RxSS platform. Pharmacy Support team members are logged in all day so they can dial into the details of any member’s situation:

  • Medical plan and pharmacy benefit
  • Formulary and deductible status
  • Medication history and prescribing physicians
  • Covered drugs and prices at in-network pharmacies
  • Out-of-pocket cost for all current prescriptions and any lower-cost options

The team also makes outbound calls to members who have significant savings opportunities or prescriptions eligible for delivery. Whatever the situation, most members want to change to a lower-cost or more convenient option, but many don’t know how to make it happen.

Member Support Meets Concierge Service

That’s where the team’s concierge service comes into play.

At the member’s request—whether through a call to Pharmacy Support or the touch of a button online—RxSS contacts the prescribing physician to request the lower-cost prescription. Sometimes it’s as simple as transferring one to a pharmacy with a lower price.

In many cases, however, there’s nothing simple about it. Physician practices are busy, and staff are often stretched. Same with retail pharmacies. Patience and persistence can be paramount.

“I do everything I possibly can to help solve the member’s problem, even if that means making a dozen calls to providers, pharmacies, the insurance company or PBM… whatever,” says Emily Diggs, a team member since 2020. “I like to think of that person like I would my grandma. If they were someone I loved, I would want someone going to bat for them in the same way.”

From Despair to Delight

Emily is not alone. You don’t make this team without a demonstrated desire to help perfect strangers.

“It’s really nice to know that, at the end of the day, I can use what I know to make a difference in someone’s life,” Julia says. “Honestly, I really like to hear the stress just roll off their shoulders.”

Reactions on the other end of the line are typically heavy on gratitude. A few examples:

  • “I’m just so thrilled to know I can get this (medication) and not be paying thousands for it. That’s a big relief because I really need (the medication).”
  • “I’ve been sitting here biting my nails all day. Bless you, and thank you for making my life easier.”
  • “That was so helpful. It was like a little angel on the other end who heard my prayers. I’m just very grateful that you all came into my life.”

RxSS technology identifies millions of savings opportunities for our members. But sometimes it takes a live human who can identify with a member on a personal level. And someone who will go to bat for them offline and behind the scenes. For the RxSS Pharmacy Support team, it’s not just about making medication more affordable. They also specialize in making someone’s day.