Savings Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Do sayings like “A penny saved is a penny earned” and “Dimes make dollars” still apply today? No, we’re not talking about the pandemic-driven coin shortage but rather the notion that every little bit of money saved really does add up.

We love to learn about members who put hundreds or thousands of dollars back in their pockets by acting on our savings suggestions. But we never lose sight of smaller amounts we help members save fill after fill after fill. Because what may seem small in one person’s eyes can be significant, even life-changing for another.

Take Yvonne from Massachusetts, for example. She’s 72, a widow for nearly 20 years, and in good health. Compared to many in the Medicare population, she needs relatively few maintenance medications to stay healthy. Still…

“My prescription bill is only manageable because I’m still working,” Yvonne told us. “I truly hope to retire this spring. I’m trying to cut back on things as much as I can in order to have a budget I can comfortably retire with.”

We didn’t know about Yvonne’s situation or plans, of course, but that’s irrelevant. The important thing is that our Savings Notification found her. She’d never heard of Rx Savings Solutions and didn’t have an email address on file with her health plan, so our standard email notifications had no way of reaching her. Which is exactly why we use every engagement channel at our disposal.

Example of a mailed Savings Notification from Rx Savings Solutions
“I received this letter in the mail, and it said I could save money on my prescriptions and have them delivered. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is,” Yvonne said. “But I figured, what do I have to lose? I called and there was no phone maze or anything, just straight to this lovely representative. I couldn’t believe it—$100 down to $30—and I got it done in one call.”

She’s now saving $70 four times per year on her 90-day fills. For some people, $280 over the course of a year may not be a big deal. But you never know.

“I’ve been on my own for a while, and I like to be in control of my finances. It makes me feel comfortable, especially now with the idea of retiring. You work all your life and think, well, if I had more time for this or more time for that…”

Yvonne, we wish you a wonderful retirement, whenever it happens. You’ll soon have more time for whatever fills up your life—and more peace of mind to go with it. Who can put a price on that?