How did your Medicare Advantage plans fare in this year’s CMS Star Ratings?

If your ratings suffered, stagnated or simply show room for improvement, consider giving Rx Savings Solutions a serious look. Any Medicare measure that involves pharmacy is an opportunity for positive influence with RxSS.


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Satisfy members with better pharmacy experiences
average star rating in 2024 for RxSS MA health plan clients.
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Drive higher engagement with Medicare populations
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of engaged Medicare members make a behavior change with our solution.
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Improve medication affordability and adherence
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increase in adherent members treating cardiovascular conditions.

Listen to the IMpact

Hear the satisfaction and relief one Medicare Advantage member shared after receiving a savings notification from RxSS.

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Drive higher engagement with Medicare populations. 39.2% of engaged Medicare members make a behavior change with our solution.

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Satisfy members with better pharmacy experiences and medication-related outcomes.

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Improve medication affordability and adherence. Our clients see an increase in adherent members based on condition:
4.41% – cardiovascular
6.61% – respiratory


When Medicare beneficiaries can see lower-cost prescription options, the benefits for your plan transcend dollars and cents.
Members know the cost of every prescription and lower-cost, clinically sound alternative on the formulary
Every member with an opportunity to save is notified and given easy paths to switching
One click initiates concierge service for provider approval and pharmacy transfers
Affordable medication makes it easy to stay with prescribed therapies without interruption
Happier, healthier members have more reasons to trust your plan and rate it favorably
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Influencing Survey Responses for Better Star Ratings

When it comes to Medicare Star ratings, it’s never too soon to influence what the next 1,000 random members surveyed will say about your plan. Learn how RxSS can help.
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Prepare Now for Positive Impact to your 2025 Stars Ratings

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proportion of CMS Star Ratings based in patient experience and administrative measures
0 %
CAHPS measures now representing overall Star Ratings
medication-related Stars Measures
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weighting for Patient Experience/Complaints

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Are you attending the 8th Annual Medicare Stars Ratings & Quality Assurance Summit in Tampa? We are! Let’s schedule some time to connect.

We also encourage you to join a panel discussion featuring our very own Director of Pharmacy, Keith Gaetano, PharmD:

WHAT: That Nobel Dream – Targeted Approaches for Raising Particular Stars Measures
WHEN: December 7, 2022, at 8:35 a.m.


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