Where Do We Go From Here?

Eight strange and difficult weeks of pandemic life have upended everyone’s world in some way. Like you, I don’t know when things will truly “open up” again. The only thing to do is press on each day. I’m inspired on a daily basis by all the different ways we see people and organizations stepping up to help those in need.

We know many members are struggling with serious reductions in household incomes. Some are sick, some are scrambling to stay on medications they need to remain in good health, some are facing drug shortages for the first time. Many clients are hurting, too. Revenues are down and so many uncertainties loom.

Throughout these difficult weeks, our members and clients have found one thing they can be sure of: Rx Savings Solutions is working hard for them.

  • Since the outbreak hit the U.S. in early February, we have increased the volume of proactive savings notifications by 36%. Members are responding with open rates hovering near 30%, +9% better than the industry benchmark, and with 3x the click rates.
  • As the number of COVID-19 cases spiked nationwide, our member portal traffic hit an all-time high, as did hits for our Contact Prescriber service, which automates cost-saving prescription changes for members.
  • People and payers have preserved precious dollars in a time of severe financial stress. Most importantly, we’ve helped members avoid interruptions to medication therapy during an ongoing public health crisis.

Like all of you, we’re wading through local guidelines for when and how to return to our offices. I look forward to that day, but also know these weeks have offered a chance to focus on what really matters:

  • Improving our products
  • Becoming more efficient at everything we do
  • Taking care of things, especially the “little” things

On both a personal and corporate level, I hope everyone emerges from this with a greater sense of what’s truly important. This pandemic has reinforced how critical it is for people to have access to affordable medication. Not only during a crisis, but all the time.

No one should have to choose between medication and their family’s next meal. Employers and health plans shouldn’t have to keep spending more on pharmacy, for less in return.

I’m optimistic about the next normal. Whenever it comes, whatever it looks like, we will adapt and do our part. Our goal is still the same: make the world a better place for your organization and your members.